Public transportation

The Berlin public transportation system is very good and easy to use. Busses leave every 5 to 20 minutes, trains leave every 2 to 20 minutes (10 to 30 minutes at night). There are several companies in "VBB", but all companies use the same ticket system, so you have to buy just one ticket to use underground, bus, tram, "fast train" (S-Bahn) and even some ferries across Berlin's seas and rivers (look for the "VBB" label).

If you travel inside of Berlin (like from your hotel to the venue), you have to take an "AB" ticket each route that can last 2 hours, no matter how often you change, but in one direction only. If you arrive from Airport Berlin Schönefeld or if you return there, take an "ABC" ticket, because the airport is a little outside of Berlin. Ticket machines accept Euros and EC cards. There are also tickets for a day or the whole weekend.

When you start your trip, validate your ticket in the red or yellow boxes.
When entering a bus, please show your valid ticket to the driver in forward door or ask him for a ticket. Other vehicles you can enter without control, so please be sure you have a valid ticket when you are asked for it by the staff.

Public transportation is used by the whole Berlin population, so it's safe and clean, but sometimes... Keep your eyes open and enjoy exploring Berlin and its folks from all over the world! :-)

You find more information and route planners on the website of the S-Bahn or main public transportation company BVG. For the nearest station to the venue type "U Ullsteinstr. (Berlin)". Use Mapnificent to see which locations you can reach in a given time from the venue.