Where to stay

Hostels (12 - 35 Euro)

UFA Fabrik (just in front of the Venue)

36 Rooms Hostel (Kreuzberg)

Hostel Berlin (Friedrichshain)

A&O Hostels (Mitte & Friedrichshain)

Odysee Hostel (Friedrichshain)

Heart of Gold Hostel (Mitte)

Helterskelter Hostel (Mitte)

Gästehaus Berlin (Kreuzberg)

City Stay Hostel (Mitte)

Hotels (60 - 120 Euro)

Ku'Damm 101 Hotel (Charlottenburg/Wilmersdorf)

Hotel Berliner Hof (Charlottenburg/Wilmersdorf)

Hotel Canaletto (Tempelhof)

Die Fabrik (Kreuzberg), an affordable alternative to the hostels with really friendly service. Located in the Schlesische Straße one of the most strategic locations in Kreuzberg if you want to go out at night.

The hotels Berliner Hof and Ku'Damm 101 are offering rooms for 100 Euros per night. If you book before September 10, you'll get 10 % discount. Please send an email to help@drupalcity.de if you are interested in this offer.

If you want a bit of decadent luxury Hotel Sarotti-Höfe (Kreuzberg)