More than CMS - The Drupal Framework and Biotechnology at bio.logis

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Presentation in English, Intended for: Site builders

Drupal is commonly used as a CMS to drive a website or an intranet.
bio.logis in Frankfurt Germany started to use Drupal in just that way.

But over time bio.logis has expanded its use of Drupal across the entire software stack supporting Personal Genomics Services.

Drupal is now used to manage workflow and create generic templates for medecial reports. In addition, Drupal is the base of the Laboratory Information Management System including tasks like sample tracking and primer management.

To achieve that, some interesting questions had to be answered.

  • How can we integrate Drupal with the legacy systems and the Java based middleware?
  • Which modules are suitable to meet the requirements in the healthcare sector? Which are not and why? What about the Drupal core?
  • How to split data and logic across different security zones?
    How does Drupal fit into a SOA based architecture?
  • Which kind of custom modules need to be developed? Which contributed modules need to be extended?
  • What are the limitations of Drupal in this context?

About bio.logis

bio.logis offers a comprehensive spectrum of genetic analyses since 2009. 
The firm develops innovative information systems based on its expertise in Human Genetics. This allows private persons to use their genetic data for personal decisions related to lifestyle and health.