The Rules Way of Life

Sun, 18 Sep, 11:00 – Room 1 „Microsoft“
Presentation in English, Intended for: Site builders

Rules 2 for Drupal 7 is a powerful module that can ease your life as site builder drastically. It has been more or less completely rebuilt for Drupal 7, it is more pluggable and more flexible, and has the power to replace a lot of custom coding and even minor contributed modules.

This session will show best practices, tips & tricks and present how Rules can work together with other modules to gain even more power!

In particular, it ’ll be shown what the holy four – rules, views, message & flag – can achieve together!

Have you ever heard the sentence “there is a module for that”? Replace it with “there is a rule for that” ;-) The flexibility of Rules with its intelligent data selector widget enables you to access any entity and property in a very fast way.

So we'll have a look at the awesome new concepts in Rules:

  • Direct input including tokens and the Data Selector
  • Use Rules components and start re-using configurations
  • Make use of loops & lists
  • Learn about recent developments (also including the Google Summer of Code project)

Furthermore we show how popular use-cases can be implemented with Rules and build them into regular Drupal modules using Features. Stop coding custom modules, start using the power of Rules & Drupal’s ecosystem!

Then, we'll have a closer look at how a certain use case could be implemented just with the holy four: A notification system!

Wolfgang Ziegler // fago,
Johan Falk // Itangalo

Download slides: