Project management with Drupal and the Storm modules

Sat, 17 Sep, 16:00 – Room 4 „newthinking“
Presentation in English, Intended for: Site builders
Carsten Müller

From concept to launch - use Drupal for the planning and implementation of projects with the Storm family of modules.
Using Storm, you can manage the complete design, estimation, project and resource planning, time management, coordination, communication. And you can deploy the system on your local intranet or make it available worldwide, with all the advantages of Drupal.

- Project Planning & Tasks, with tickets creating individual tasks
- Resource planning by assigning tasks to individual staff members
- Time and Attendance of staff on individual projects and tasks for calculating actual time expended
- Automatic comparison between estimated and actual duration of a task
- Automatic acquisition costs based on the recorded hours of work and invoices
- Real-time balance of a project - is it still within budget? -- Can the deadline be kept?
- Detection of bugs and change requests through ticketing system
- Resource Planning - Overview of the utilization of all employees (including by department)

Download slides: