How Drupal turned into Drupal Commerce and why it's a good news for business innovators

Sun, 18 Sep, 11:00 – Room 4 „newthinking“
Presentation in English, Intended for: Newbies

Drupal Commerce 1.0 has been released last month and is already providing E-Commerce features for more than 3000 websites. The platform was the subject of many innovations well before the release.

Commerce Guys, the founder and main sponsor of the project, has busy implementing new e-commerce platforms and extensions of Drupal Commerce for multiple customers and partners. Some have been using Drupal Commerce to implement uniquely differentiating E-Commerce platforms, when others have been using Drupal Commerce as the stepping stone of new solutions. Commerce Guys has been able to witness the reason why they adopt Drupal Commerce. They all have one thing in common: business innovation.

This session will provide an overview of where the E-Commerce is going and why Drupal Commerce is quickly becoming a major platform for E-Commerce. We will also cover how a company like Commerce Guys was able to build Drupal Commerce, what it takes to get there and how Drupal-centric innovators can do something similar in other business-related fields like ERP, CRM or web applications.

Presented by Luc Byhet (Commerce Guys) and Jeffrey A. McGuire (Acquia)