How to design decent site navigation

Sat, 17 Sep, 13:00 – Room 3 „cocomore“
Presentation in English, Intended for: Newbies
  1. Common information needs + what they mean to site navigation
    • known-item seeking
    • exhaustive research
    • exploratory seeking
    • refinding
  2. Good and bad navigation examples and short analysis
    • on what one should focus
    • what is easy to solve
    • what is worth your hard labour
  3. Drupal solutions (modules / code samples) that can destroy or improve site navigation
    • menu modules (Suckerfish/Javascript enhanced, Megamenu)
    • other navigations elements

My session can help you

  • reasonably select elements for a main menu
  • decide whether or what kind of search engine you need
  • place other navigation elements on your website