Drupal Products - finding your niche and growing beyond your means

Sat, 17 Sep, 13:00 – Room 4 „newthinking“
Presentation in English, Intended for: Managers

Business opportunities in the Drupal ecosystem are plentiful - we share our own experiences with building a Drupal product.

The Drupal ecosystem is growing at a huge rate. This is great news for Drupal companies as it creates a receptive marketplace, where Drupal is perceived as a winning technology, and a large homogeneous environment ideally placed to accept and champion Drupal-based products.

The main challenge our team found as a Drupal "shop" is how to create business models that are sustainable and can grow beyond the number of "billable hours" . This would allow us to grow beyond our means - i.e. without having to add more and more people in direct relationship to the amount of contracts we signed .

In this talk we will share our own experiences in attempting to define a niche (in the travel industry) and a business model based on selling products rather than hours. We will also review what other companies are doing and what business models we see emerging.

The aim is to inspire more Drupalistas to go out and build products rather than have to sell their most precious resource - time.