Drupal & node.js: pushing realtime data into Drupal

Sun, 18 Sep, 12:00 – Room 3 „cocomore“
Presentation in English, Intended for: Programmers

Session-Slides: http://goo.gl/gLc29

Without doubt node.js[1] and realtime interaction are hot topics right now. This presentation will demonstrate how to start "weaving" realtime-data and -interactions into Drupal using the node.js-integration module[2]. The session is not an introduction to node.js itself (or the promises of SSJS in general). Instead it will focus on a few real-life examples and discuss some problems arising in terms of architecture and integration between node.js and Drupal.

The session presupposes a good working knowledge of PHP (Drupal coding) as well as Javascript.

[1] http://nodejs.org
[2] http://drupal.org/project/nodejs