Drupal 7 development done right: Leverage entities!

Sat, 17 Sep, 15:00 – Room 1 „Microsoft“
Presentation in English, Intended for: Programmers

Drupal 7 introduces entities, the foundational concept behind nodes, comments, users, terms, vocabularies and files. The session will teach you how modules can leverage the underlying entity API in core and how the entity API module complements it.

The session will introduce the available APIs and cover how modules can

  • easily work with any entity type
  • provide a new fieldable entity type
  • provide exportable entities, e.g. to be used as bundles + ready with admin UI

Also, we'll have a look at the latest Drupal 8 developments related to entities.

Attendees should have basic knowledge of Drupal's APIs and concepts (nodes, forms, fields, menu, ..)

Update: Slides can be found here: http://wolfgangziegler.net/article/Drupalcity-Entity-API-talk-slides