Building Features for Open Atrium

Sat, 17 Sep, 17:00 – Room 4 „newthinking“
Presentation in English, Intended for: Site builders

The session will focus on extending Open Atrium with a Feature that extends a given content type (blog) and adds some simple additional functionality.

We will add a media field to the blog type, install a module (mp3player) to handle audio, bundle the modifications and additions in a module that implements features and test the same with drush to demonstrate the relative ease of creating re-usable features for Open Atrium (or drupal, more generally).

An overview of the presentation, with screens may be seen at

The idea stems from a real-world application of OA where the groups using it are musicians sharing information about practice rooms booking and recordings of practice sessions.

If time permits we can do some iterative modifications to extend the module (for instance to handle other types of media).