We are proud to announce that Drupal City is one of the seven winners of the newly launched Drupal Association Grants which are provided to help develop and grow the Drupal community around the world.

Help us spread the word. Let people know that you are joining us for two days of Drupal madness in Berlin. You can get the Drupal City Badges for your website here

If you want to help making "Drupal City" an awesome camp experience join the volunteers group discussion in the Camp's Open Atrium and become an official camp volunteer.

You can register, login, submit your session proposal and vote for the sessions you are most interested in.

Drupal Camp Berlin presents solutions for your everyday problems or topics that haven't been much discussed before. We'll also introduce tracks briefly presenting fundamental knowledge for those who are new to Drupal.

During the first submission rounds we collected already very substantial sessions. We will evaluate quality and votes and select our first choice for a "Welt-Niveau" high standard international camp program you expect. Nevertheless, we are still looking for more good sessions! Would you like to present, too? You can submit your session here

We found a cool location by the river. DrupalCamp Berlin 2011 will be held at the L4 - Institut für Digitale Kommunikation GmbH - Lorenzweg 5, 12099 Berlin.


Check out more infos about the location